5 things to Know Before You Rent Office Trailers

Businesses now consider mobile office trailers for a number of reasons. These temporary spaces offer many benefits for all kinds of working environments.

Do you think an office trailer might be a great solution for your workspace needs?

We've listed some important things to know before you sign the lease.


Renting a mobile office trailer has its advantages. Most suppliers rent their trailers as a leasing package. This takes the work out of a lot of aspects of using a mobile office.

Affordable and Flexible Affordable and Flexible

Renting is the most affordamvble option when considering a mobile office trailer. Additionally, when you don't need the trailer anymore the supplier arranges for its removal. You don't have to worry about selling it or getting it off the site.

Maintenance Maintenance

Maintenance and repairs are often included in a leasing package when you rent office trailers. This lets you focus on your project, not on arranging for fixes and upkeep.Any problems that may arise, such as leaky windows or air conditioner trouble, will be covered and the supplier will take care of the issues.

Trailer and Service Quality Trailer and Service Quality

Leasing a trailer, especially from a local supplier, allows you to get a better idea about the quality of their product and service. You'll be able to find out more about the supplier and what other customers have to say about them. You won't go into a contract blindly with all of this information. When you finally sign the contract, you will do it with confidence.


Know the condition of the trailer

When you rent office trailers, you'll want to know the condition of your unit. Rented trailers are often used, but when you rent from a good company, they'll be well-maintained.

Consider the following when renting an office trailer:

  • How many times has the unit been leased
  • Age of the trailer
  • Any damages the trailer has had, from use, weather, or transport
  • Weather exposure
  • Visible damage to interior or exterior
  • Miles trailer has traveled

Size, Accessibility and Purpose

Each job that requires a mobile office will have unique needs and space limitations depending on activity and the number of occupants.

You need to know what size of trailer your project requires. To determine the best size for optimal workspace and cost efficiency, you'll need to have an idea of

  • The size of the area where your unit will be
  • How many employees will be working on your site
  • How many offices will be required
  • The space required for each office setup

Know When You Need It

It's important to know when you'll need your trailer. Most trailers will take 7 to 14 days to deliver, so allow at least that much time.

Suppliers have to have enough time to service the trailer if necessary. They'll also need time to ensure fleet availability for trailer transport.

Cost to Rent Office Trailers

What does it cost to rent office trailers? While the answer can vary depending on your supplier, the cost to rent usually runs from $200 to $900 dollars a month.

If you lease an office trailer for a longer period of time, you may get a reduced price.

Seasonal demand will influence cost, also. Many businesses that rent office trailers do most of their work in the spring and summer, so trailer inventory will be smaller during these periods. As the supply shrinks because of greater demand, the cost will increase.

Location Matters

The location of your site will influence cost. Different regions tend to have higher rates for site and permits. Some locations present geographic challenges for unit delivery, which will raise the cost as well.

Delivery fees should also be considered when determining cost. Generally, suppliers charge a flat fee to deliver the unit within a certain mile radius. An additional fee is charged for every mile beyond that radius.

A Trailer to Suit Your Needs

If you're considering renting an office trailer, we can help you find the mobile trailer that fits your needs.

With multiple locations and a huge trailer selection, you'll be able to accommodate your employees and stay within your budget.

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