Office Trailer Buyers Guide

Confused by all of the different options around renting or buying an office trailer? We can help. Below is an easy-to-read guide which will guide you through the most common questions and areas of confusion when looking for a mobile office trailer.

We have helped users such as yourself that are looking for office trailers for their construction project, as a sales or executive office, portable classroom or a church building.

Office Trailers – What Size do I need?

Are you looking for mobile office space for 1 person or 10 people? Figuring out how much space you need is an important part of the buying or renting process. If your are buying, figuring out your needs up front is critical as a mistake can be extremely costly. Renting gives you the flexibility to scale up or down based on your needs (although there typically is a cost when changing around trailers). OfficeTrailerHQ has included a simple guide below which will help you figure out how much size you need for your office trailer.

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Office Trailer Size Guide

What do I need?

There are 7 typical sizes for mobile office trailers:

8ft x 20fr (160 sq ft)
10ft x 20ft (200 sq ft)
10ft x 30ft (300 sq ft)
10ft x 40ft (400 sq ft)
12ft x 50ft (600 sq ft)
14ft x 64ft (896 sq ft)
24ft x 60ft (1440 sq ft)

So, which size is best for me?

As a typical rule of thumb, allow for 100-150 sq ft per person you will house in the office trailer. For exmaple, a 10ft x 30ft mobile office (300 sq ft) will accommodate 2-3 people.

Going beyond the “rule of thumb” of 100-150 sq ft, you also should consdier how the office trailer is configured. If you plan of having a single open space with no internal walls, you will be able to accommodate more individuals than if you have the mobile office trailer broken up into offices.

Quick Rules on Calculating How Much Space you Need

Number of Employees

The more employees, the more space needed. Industry rule of thumb is 100-150 sq ft per employee.

Number of Offices

Adding offices will increase the size of office trailer required. Figure 150-200 sq ft per office.

Common Areas

Don’t forget to factor in things like kitchens, bathrooms and conference rooms if you will need them in your office trailer.

What about a Portable Classroom? How Much Space Do I need?

General guidelides for amount of square feet per student:

Note that these are only guidelines. We recommend that you share your specific needs with a qualified office trailer dealer who can help you find the right unit for your needs.

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Tips on How to Get the Best Deal on a Mobile Office Trailer

What To Look For

Ready to buy or rent an office trailer? Great! We are hear to help. Click on one of the “Get Quote” buttons and we can start the process of connecting you with up 5 suppliers. Once you start getting quotes, here are some things to do:

Compare Prices

While we simplify the process, you still need to compare the price quotes you get from the suppliers. Make sure you are comparing things on an apples-to-apples basis by including all fees and charges in your comparison.

Time – Longer or Shorter?

Typically the longer you need an office trailer, the lower the montly rate. If often pays to ask providers about the time period breakdowns for their pricing

Been a Customer Before?

It never hurts to ask for a “frequent customer discount.” Suppliers can often have the flexiblity to negotiate prices for a high volume customers.


Even if you are not a high volume customer, you can often ask (and get) a discount.

Options for Office Trailers

Office Trailers have countless options that can help make sure they are meeting more of your needs. Office Trailers usually can be equipped to provide everything found in a standard permanent office. Here are some common options to consider for your mobile office:

  • Running Water
  • Electricity
  • Restrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Security Bars on Windows
  • Easy Access Ramps (Wheelchair Accessible)
  • Networking
  • Built in Furniture
  • Shelving
  • Planning Tables
  • Closets
  • Fans
  • Skirting
  • Custom Lighting

These are just a few of the common options companies look to add to office trailers. Make sure you ask your supplier what the standard features are included in the quote.